• As Aeon Delight Malaysia is moving towards digitalization era, its management has invested towards IT infrastructure upgrade. There are a few enhancements taken that made Aeon Delight Malaysia ready for cloud base technology. 
  • IT infrastructure upgrade include Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive for Business and new computers by ThinkSeries from Lenovo. 
  • This allow Aeon Delight Malaysia to be ready and capable of supporting its employees as well as its customers with cloud base technology. All employees are able to connect with each other, continue to increase productivity and deliver value to its customers. 

Communication systems are improved with high bandwidth  fiber and SIP tenchology. Network systems are enhanced by cicso devices with gigabit backbone for the entire office. Conventional server bas systems were replaced with Azure Ad cloud base management. Integrated systems were implemented utilizing cloud base tenchologies.

Here are some of the highlights of Aeon Delight Malaysia’s digitalization journey:

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Business edition have been implemented for all the computer users in Aeon Delight Malaysia. Whether in the office with computer or on-the-go with the mobile, communcation with the office is always there and up-to-date.

The collaboration of teamwork within the organization made easier with the use of Microsoft Teams. Communication across the different office locations is simple enough via Teams whereby the employees can chat, share files, collaborate on a project and share knowledge on office related matters. Important meetings, monthly morning assembly, store meetings can be conducted via Teams meeting with ease. 

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for business storage have been allocated for computer using employees to safekeep tehir office related files. This allow them to utilize this cloud base storage technology to store, share and manage their files within organization. Sharing of files with anyone can be done in just few steps which help the employees task completed easily and securely.

Aeon Delight Malaysia have moved towards SharePoint and left the conventional method of storing files in the on-prem system. With user access control, cloud base storing of files, document flow and fully customizable interface, SharePoint plays a vital role in the computer file system organization. The file system management is seamless with SharePoint in place and employees able to manipulate for their daily task. 

ThinkSeries from Lenovo

Operations and Support teams have been powered with new computers by ThinkSeries from Lenovo. With the capable of handling multiple tasks and known for ots oustanding performance, ThinkSeries work hand-to-hand with our support team to be the platform for completion of office task at customer location. Dedicated WiFi enables the support teams to get connected eventhough there are physically in segregated location. A complete set of IT Office tools make the Operations and Support teams get communicated with customers and complete their computer related task with ease. 

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