Cancellation And Refund Policy

Subject to the Terms and Conditions set out, the Customer may apply to cancel the paid Goods and/or Services and seek for Refund following the below-stipulated Policy:

1. The Customer may apply to cancel the Service and seek for refund, following the condition(s)
a) Cancellation request should be initiated at least Seven (7) days prior to the confirmed Service
b) Cancellation for Service that has not been carried out/rendered.

2) To initiate cancellation and refund, the customer shall be required to fill in the Service Cancellation & Refund Form.

3) There shall be a Cancellation Charge of 10% of the total payment made or a minimum of RM50, whichever is higher. The balance after deducting the Cancellation Charge shall be refunded to the customer.

4) The Refund shall be processed within Two (2) weeks depending on the method/mode of payment used for payment.

5) The Refund shall be credited to the debit or credit card(s), e-wallet and/or bank account used for the said transaction.

6) Any request for exchange or refund which do not meet any of the above conditions will be duly declined.


Aeon delight Malaysia Sdn Bhd does not accept any liability for loss, damage or injury to any domestic animals, livestock, birds, goods or equipment unless the loss, damage or injury was occasioned by negligence of themselves or their staff. Notice of such loss, damage or injury must be notified in writing to Aeon delight Malaysia Sdn Bhd within 7 (seven) days of occurrence.

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